SlowVenice is a brand of Limosa Tour Operator

Limosa is a company of environmental guides that has been operating for over thirty years in sustainable tourism, environmental education, research and land management. In 2014 we became a Travel Agency — Tour Operator

SlowVenice is the brand name under which we offer accompanied tours of Venice and its Lagoon based on the principles of environmental and social sustainability.

Limosa Tour Operator is a leading company within the SlowVenice Network – a network of local tourist enterprises with deep roots in the Venice’s ‘gronda lagunare’ – the marshland where the Lagoon meets the mainland stretching from Chioggia to the Cavallino Coast.
Together we would like to offer you all the ingredients that go to make up what we call a “slow” holiday, that is to say, a different kind of holiday where the principles of authenticity and sustainability are blended with local culture and traditions.

  • accommodation in facilities designed to cater to every kind of requirement with outstandingly attentive hospitality, all situated in incredibly beautiful locations convenient for touring the area;
  • authentic gastronomy based on local traditions and products;
  • everything that you need to get around slowly and calmly: traditional or modern practical boat craft, bicycle hire and technical support for everyone from the very young to the serious sporting cyclist. We also offer special facilities for people with disabilities;
  • agritourism, farm educational centres, Venice’s special fish farming area, Venetian villas… places in which to enjoy a unique experience and true excitement;
  • team of expert environmental local guides with educational skills, to meet the needs of our younger guests.

Watch our video: Out-of-the-ordinary landscape explorers

The SlowVenice Team

Our professionalism is fed by shared passions: we like to work together, mix and enhance our differing talents, and have common interests and values which define us.
Our ambition is to offer excellence; to make our guests’ experience of discovery come alive in the shared satisfaction of visiting and treating beautiful and fragile places with respect.
Our unique selling point is our deep local roots and the trust we have won from our clients, both private and corporate. Our Venice Lagoon holidays have won prizes and numerous awards; we have joined forces with a wide range of public bodies on European cooperation projects to enhance our region; and we are proud and yet at the same time respectfully conscious of the trust that so many hundreds of loyal customers have placed in us.

Download: Codice etico/Carta dei servizi SlowVenice Network

Luana Castelli
Luana CastelliGuide, itinerary design
You can ask me about excursions, personalized itineraries, and pricing. I can be your guide – Italian and German. GNA guide
Martina Raehr
Martina RaehrGuide, itineraries design
If you live abroad you can ask for programs and quotes in your own language. I can be your guide – Italian, German and English. GNA guide