At the centre is Venice.
From there, like ripples across the water, place after place waiting to be discovered.
In a world where distance is no longer a challenge, the true meaning of adventures is going into depth, understanding roots and values and savouring unfamiliar experiences with the help of guides who turn places into stories.

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Discover the tours within the 4 emotions.
Each emotion leads you to discover a unique aspect of Venice and the Lagoon.
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Venice unvisited

We guide you away from the worn tourist beaten streets of Venice, to mingle with the Venetians that live and thrive in the maze of hidden narrow calli. Dip into the authentic atmosphere woven from conversations of Venetians, whether they be dwellers, artisans, traders or their customers, conversations that fill the air of the sestieri, perfumed with herbs and spices, carried upon salty breezes.

Tera e aqua, aqua e tera.

Discover what feeds the Venetian lagoon and the influential role it has on the islands that emerge from its glistening waters and the people that inhabit them. Where water and land weave the fabric of Venice and its hinterland, discover uncontaminated beaches, nature’s quiet of lagoon islands, fertile green banks and ancient woodlands; places coloured and perfumed by nature’s visiting seasons. We guide you, nature will enchant you.

Landscapes woven by history

Villages nestling rivers, masterly placed fish farms, majestic Venetian Villas, rural hospitality of aristocratic Venetian origins, interwoven with histories of a millennial past. Itineraries shedding light on a people and places, to discover rural cultural treasures and meet the very people that live the antique lands of today, through which you may live and write your personal memories.

Audacious Alchemies

When an excursion becomes a magical experimental laboratory of discoveries and tales; when on nature’s stage representations narrate places, when arts are mixed to create exclusive events: literary, musical, gastronomical, visual arts, and dance. When you want to experience the extraordinary in true SlowVenice style!