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Lio Piccolo and coastal fortificantions by bike

Gardens, forts, fish valleys and Flamingos

The departure is from Cavallino, a small town on the coast, biking along Ca’Savio beach with its natural dunes and coastline woods. The first stop is in front of the Batteria Pisani, restored by the Municipality of Cavallino Treporti and now a museum, we will introduce the history of the military buildings of the coast. Then we will reach the Amalfi Battery and continue to Piazza Treporti. Canals and shoals alternate with cultivated fields and houses dotted around Corte del Prà, a lovely square with a landowner’s mansion, a courtyard, stables and an oratory.

Here the lagoon takes over and the road winds along the banks of the fishing valleys to reach the ancient, solitary hamlet of Lio Piccolo, surrounded by water, immersed in a silence interrupted only by the flights and calls of many species of bird. One of the most beautiful attractions are Flamingos, settled into the lagoon some years ago. They are particularly numerous in the surrounding of Lio Piccolo and you’ll easily observe them.

Conditions of the route: flat paths (cycle paths and low traffic routes).

Fee: Includes environmental guide SlowVenice (Italian, English, German)

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