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All aboard for a tour of the lagoon!

Following the rows of bricole or pilings that mark the navigable channels of the lagoon, your gaze picks out islands, cane brakes, tidal shallows and mudflats, flights of birds taking to the air, plants that have miraculously adapted to the saline environment, a seascape that’s constantly changing as the light grows or subsides.

Every season has its marvels: like the purple mantle of sea lavender that covers the mudflats in late summer, where if you’re lucky you can also spot the long white neck of a little egret; or the autumn and winter mists that wrap every object in their soft embrace, muffling every noise, lifting here and there to reveal small, mysterious islands; or the spring breeze that ripples through the marsh reeds as the birdlife raises its raucous call somewhere off in the distance.

The people of these islands inhabit difficult but fascinating places: “Land and sea, sea and land”, as the local saying goes. Women sit on small chairs at the doors of their houses, bolsters on their laps, bent over their intricate lacework, people collecting unique vegetables, while the hands of the fishermen are busy untangling skeins of nets. The local dialect has different cadences on every island.

The bragozzo, used for fishing in the 18th and 19th centuries, is the ideal craft for exploring the lagoon and visiting some of its smallest islands.

Availability: all year (subject to availability).
Departure point and Departure time: to be agreed. It depends on the itinerary.
Languages available: English, Italian, German, Spanish 

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Inclusions: Navigation as planned, Skipper, Diesel, Local and Naturalistic guide
Exclusions: What is not specified under “Inclusions”, Any stops not covered by the program, Lunch

Upgrade Experience: Lunch, dinner, coffee break, cocktails in boat or in a restaurant, wine lesson, visits to the traditional farm and exclusive location.

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