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In a labyrinth like Venice there’s always something new, a view, a street, a stretch of waterfront  to discover.

Even in the heart of the city it’s possible to leave the beaten track and go where the tourist hordes never venture, on routes that follow the rhythms of the city and its inhabitants, in search of the essence of Venice.

Venice has over 100 islands and islets. And every one of them has streets, small squares and gardens waiting to be discovered, and some surprising plant life and fauna.

Fill your lungs with sea air, watch the surface of the water as it ruffles in the changing winds, marvel at the ever-changing play of light and shade, walk streets paved with slabs of limestone and volcanic rock that evoke distant places like Colli Euganei and Istria.

This tour is centred on the Castello quarter of Venice, and is a great opportunity to enjoy some unusual vistas and the many minor curiosities of a city built on water.

Appointment at 15.00 at the ACTV stop of the Arsenal in Riva Ca ‘di Dio

End of the itinerary at 6.00 pm

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