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Ponte de la Dona Onesta, Convento de le Terese, Calle delle Bòccole, Fondamenta delle Cappuccine, Rio Terà de le Carampane, Calle de le Pazienze, Fondamenta delle Penitenti: a Venice, more than in other cities, women have had visibility, they have express yourself, work and live the city like protagonist.

In the history of Venice, many Venetian and foreign women have distinguished themselves for their independence: by stipulating maritime contracts, associating themselves for doing business, writing their wills on their own and managing their assets. There are many documents preserved in the ancient Serenissima’s archives that give voice to female.

Like Fantina, daughter of Marco Polo, who began a judicial proceeding against her husband in 1366, accused of having taken possession of her property.

You can learn about the many stories of women on the stones and walls of the city. In the history of Venice and today we find intertwined the events of so many women, from the first inhabitants of the lagoon islands to the letters, from women entrepreneurs to dogaresses, from glass artisans to courtesans, to women of today.

Availability: all year (subject to availability).
Departure point: Arsenale vaporetto stop on Riva di Dio.  To be agreed
Departure time: to be agreed. 3 hour tour
Languages available: English, Italian, German, Spanish

Inclusions: Local and Naturalistic guide for 3 hours approx.
Exclusions: What is not specified under “Inclusions”, Any stops not covered by the program, Lunch

Upgrade Experience: Lunch, dinner, coffee break, cocktails  in a venetian restaurant, wine lesson, visits to the traditional farm and exclusive location.

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