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The Certosa Island is located north-east of Venice. The name comes from the community of Carthusians who lived there for many centuries.  After the Napoleonic conquest of Venice, it became a military installation.

Today, nothing that is found on the island today is reconditioned to its ancient vestiges. The help of expert eyes leads you to see beyond the ivy clinging to the walls of ruined buildings.

The 17th century Castello delle Polveri (“Powder Castle”), the only historical edifice remained today, has been restored from the late 1990s. The ivy clinging to the walls of ruined buildings reminds you of its oblivion. The church, the cloisters, the artworks of the ancient monastery were destroyed and detained by the military who occupied it until his departure in the middle of 1900. Thanks to the venetians volunteers, the City of Venice has started the Island recovery project, funded by the European Community.

The itinerary allows you to know it’s fascinating history, social commitment to the recovery of a city park and the island in all its aspects: naturalistic, historical and productive.

Availability: all year (subject to availability).
Departure point and Departure time: Certosa Island, vaporetto stop. 3 hour tour
Languages available: English, Italian, German, Spanish 

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Inclusions: Navigation as planned, Skipper, Diesel, Local and Naturalistic guide
Exclusions: What is not specified under “Inclusions”, Any stops not covered by the program, Lunch

Upgrade Experience: Lunch, dinner, coffee break, cocktails in boat or in a restaurant, wine lesson, visits to the traditional farm and exclusive location.

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